Three Presentations

I have spent the last month working on three presentations to give at an internal conference at work.  Two on jQuery (intermediate and advanced) and one on Designing Faster Websites.

I have a new respect for those who give presentations.  It takes many many, many hours to come up with 45 minutes worth of thoughtful information.  Making sure you have the right content, making sure it is accurate and timely, putting it in an order that makes sense, making sure it is in a pleasant format that the audience will be able to consume easily, creating examples, tossing in humor or other elements to break up the constant stream of information you are trying to provide, etc, etc.  All that and I haven’t even had to go through the discomfort of actually presenting them yet.

Unfortunately due to this being an internal conference I won’t be able to put the slides up here when I’m done. It’s not like these subjects haven’t been done to death or anything, I’m just putting a spin on them that is more specific to those that I work with and the work that we do.

Yes, this was a lame little post to at least have SOMETHING on the blog this month.

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