Vital statistics:

Name: Aaron Barker
Location: Springville, Utah (40 miles south of Salt Lake City)
Family: Married to Kaylene, and we have three boys.

Me and My Hobbies

I’m originally from Provo, Utah and love being in and among the mountains.

I have a 3d printing side business where I make temple based snowflake Christmas ornaments called TempleFlakes.

I enjoy photography, flying drones, VR and other nerdy things.

My Internet/Work History

I started playing on the web back in January of ‘96. Back then your “homepage” was a list of what you liked to do and a picture of your cat (or similar).

I am currently the dev lead for for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I lurk on twitter and don’t post things anywhere as often as I probably should.