I’ve taken up smoking

p-1600-1200-f03b8d18-e07b-42db-81ca-11a2508a8841.jpegNo, not that kind of smoking.  Meat smoking.

My friend Randy recently found the instructions for a UDS, or Ugly Drum Smoker.  It’s a meat smoker that it made out of a 55 gallon drum that when working correctly can go for up to 15 hours without intervention.  It is able to stay at the requisite temperatures for longer then smokers you purchase at the local Home Depot or wherever, hold more meat, and are cheaper to make then buy.  All great qualities 😉

Thus far I have had issues with mine keeping a consistent temperature, but I am pretty sure that is due to a faulty lid, which I have now got a replacement for.

So far I have cooked two Pork Butts (shoulder actually) and some chicken.  Not sure what I’ll try this weekend.  They have all tasted great, even though I have had temperature or timing problems on each one.  They will taste all the better when I get the temperature, timing and process all nailed down.

Quality pictures thanks to my iPhone.  Yeah not my normal quality, but it was the camera that was handy.


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Right on, bro. Smoke On!

I tried ribs in mine last weekend and they were really good. I threw them on the grill after the fact while we were waiting to get dinner started intending to put a little crisp edge on them and caramelize the sauce, but it ended up being a bad idea; I had a flame up and long story short, they had more than the desired ‘crispy edge’. Still super tasty though. So far I’ve done pork boston butts, beef brisket, fatties, and now ribs (using the 3-2-1 rib method, roughly) and it has all been awesome. Long live the UDS!

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